35 Fun and Simple Ideas for a Summer Bucket List for Kids


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School is out! Well, at least it is for us. This school year was challenging, to say the least. There was more chaos and confusion than there was learning. Both the kid and I are happy school is over. Now it’s time to have some fun! Over the last month, we have compiled a list, a bucket list, of all the things we want to do this summer.

Here’s a fun list of places to go and things to do over the summer with the kids:


  1. have a dance party

If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably seen videos of my son and I getting our groove on before our days get started. He loves to dance. I am sure these dance parties will continue throughout the entire summer.

  1. learn Spanish

  2. go to the beach

  3. do a nature scavenger hunt

  4. check out books at the library

  5. travel to a different state

We are visiting 3 different states this summer. The kid is elated to travel to the states he’s learned about on his placemat map.

  1. take the train at least an hour away

  2. visit a museum

  3. go to an aquarium

  4. have a staycation in a hotel

We stayed 2 nights in a hotel for a work event and my son has been obsessed with hotels since. I am not sure what it is, but he’s been negging to have a staycation ever since.

  1. go bowling

  2. paint a mural

  3. learn to cook a meal

  4. go on a nature walk

  5. do sidewalk chalk art

  6. fly a kite

  7. go to the zoo 

During spring break, we were able to visit the LA Zoo. Alex loved seeing all of the animals, but he was most excited about the giraffes.

  1. bake a cake

  2. make a terrarium 

We got into the plant craze along with everyone else during the pandemic. He loves watching plants grow and of course watering them. Here’s a neat terrarium for the kiddos to enjoy.

  1. go to a movie at the drive-in

  2. have a water balloon fight

  3. go swimming

  4. volunteer

  5. visit a National Park

  6. go to the farmer’s market

  7. finish a puzzle

  8. make popsicles

I found these cool popsicle molds we will use this summer.

  1. play hide and seek

  2. picnic in the park

  3. donate toys

Ok. This one is mainly for my sanity. There are just way too many toys laying around. We usually donate toys just before Christmas to make room. I think if we up it twice a year (once in summer and then again in the winter) I would be more at ease. Clutter gives me so much anxiety.

  1. take naps

  2. visit botanical garden

  3. go to an amusement park

Disneyland is always our go to amusement park. We are so glad it has reopened. Hopefully we will be able to go at least once this summer.


  1. learn more sight words

  2. learn to ride the bike without training wheels


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