IG Live: To Do or Not to Do? That is the Question


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Just before Christmas, I recorded my very first “Live” on IG. Normally, I am not a fan of being the center of attention. It’s just not my thing and frankly, it gives me a bit of anxiety. However, the “experts” suggest that video content is the way to go. The pesky algorithm at Instagram seems to favor IG lives, IGTV, and reels. So, in an attempt to make the most of my platform and give the people that are so brave to look to me to offer up inspiration and wisdom, I took the brave step and gave the folks what they have been asking for. And I was proud of myself for doing so. Somehow, I mustered up the courage to do something I dreaded doing. Honestly, I was actually tempted to cancel but I knew it was time to go deeper and be more impactful. Alas, there is a live saved into an IGTV in my feed. Hooray me!

In true Minah fashion, I watched it over and took some notes. If I am going to do this, I might as well get better at it each time, right? Here are some do’s, dont’s and tips to take along with you on your live journey:


Preparation is key! If there is one thing I loathe, it’s unpreparedness. Is that a word? I hate when something is obviously lacking in preparation. If you plan to go live, please prepare. It does not have to be anything too formal. Before going live, outline or jot down notes to help you stay on topic and hit all the points you intend to make during your live.

Offer Something

Think about it this way… time is the one thing you can give but can’t get back. Your following or potential following is taking time out of their day/night to watch you. They are more than likely looking for a conversation they can relate to or learn from. It is a bonus if they can do both. Make sure you are bringing something to your live. Offer something to your viewers.

Have Fun

This is self-explanatory. But this is one thing I had to keep in mind. Although the subject matter was a tough one, during my first live, I told myself to just laugh a little and have fun. It eased my nerves.


1. Make sure your background/setup (what they see behind you) is presentable and well lit
2. Promote your live ahead of time
3. Collaborate with others
4. Smile. Often.
5. Remember whatever you are recording your live with, it is not a mirror. Try to refrain from primping yourself after you press record.
6. Be mindful of the time. Unless you are DJ’ing a jammin’ set, keep your lives concise.
7. Stay focused on the topic
8. Save your live after
9.Share it
10. Review your insights after

I am almost certain there are more tips, but hey, I am no expert. I just started. My hope is that with time and growing confidence, I will get better each time. That means that I have to keep going with the live videos, right?


For more tips check out this helpful post.

Have you gone live yet? What was your experience? Share your tips.

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