In Our Own Backyard


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As a mom, the weekends are usually reserved for laundry, grocery shopping and meal prep. I try to think of one fun outing or activity for my son to enjoy, but sometimes we are so inundated with chores and errands that the only fun thing he gets to do is ride in the back of a Target cart. He loves Target, just like his momma. But there isn’t much fun nor education in that kind of trip. I end up spending more money than planned and Alex eventually gets tired of riding in the back of the shopping cart filled with mostly unnecessary purchases.

This past weekend we decided to explore what’s right in our own backyard. Living downtown means parking is usually a grueling task within it self but our public transportation system makes it easy for us to get around. We probably could have walked but the kid likes to complain about his feet hurting every 60 seconds. He loves the bus (he’s only been on it one other time) so that’s the method we chose to get around.

Our first stop was the library.  After a couple of years, our main library has finally reopened and it’s better than ever.  As soon as we walked in, we were wowed. What an aesthetically pleasing building. The library is state of the art, from what I can tell, with loads to offer. Alex gets excited about books and for that I am proud, but while in their interactive family learning center, he was excited about more than just the books. There were building blocks, tables that illuminate and his favorite…LEGOs. The library is laced with all kinds of art that catches your eye. We went in for books and came out having dabbled in a little bit of everything; books, art, architecture and fun.

Next on our list was “the lighthouse”. On the way, we stopped to get snacks. Why are kids always hungry? Alex was so fascinated in all the sights to see on the way. He loved the colors and random painted walls.  We can see the lighthouse on our way home sometimes and Alex always wants to go inside. I told him we could visit but I think he was still expecting it to be open to the public. Sadly, it is not but I he enjoyed being on the hill looking out into the ocean. Of course we (he) was hungry after all the walking and sightseeing. So, on the way home we grabbed a bite to eat and hopped on our short bus ride home. After every adventure I tend to ask Alex open ended questions to gage his comprehension and conversation skills. During our adventure review, this little boy had the nerve to ask what else we were going to do with the day. Ha!  I was pooped and so was he.

We take for granted the nearby touristy attractions that people travel to visit.  Sometimes the fun, educating times we are looking for our children to experience are inexpensive and right in our own backyard. We tend to go further out to explore but this time we stayed close to home and we loved it. Be sure to check out my Instagram story “Sonshine” highlights  for more photos and footage of our most recent adventure.

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