The Waves and Winds


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“The Waves and Wind still know his name…”

Unlike most folks, it takes more than just a good beat or a catch melody for me to like a song. I actually listen to lyrics.  The “music-head” part of me will get going but the inquisitive part of me will always wait and listen for the lyrics. Sure, I love the musicality of what I deem good songs but it is the lyric that resonates.

A friend of mine posted a song on her Facebook page not too long ago. I know her well, so I trust her judgment when it come s to pretty much anything. Without question I pressed play. It was a worship song. I am not sure how to categorize it, so I will just say it was about Jesus. I saw someone’s comment below the link my friend posted and it was just one lyric from the song. The waves and winds still know His Name. “I’ve got to go back and listen to this song again. I don’t get it,” I said to myself.

Truthfully, I’d forgotten all about the song until recently. I was driving in the car and the wind was raging. Ok, not raging but the wind was blowing more than usual. The lyric came to my remembrance. The waves and winds still know His Name. I pull up the song and before I even heard that particular lyric, I got it!

Most times during a storm it’s hard to sit still. We get so consumed with which way the winds are blowing us. As the church folks say, we are tossed to and fro.  The waves of life seem to be crashing from all angles. But the waves and winds still know His name.

Y’all know the story. There was a storm and the disciples were all freaked out but Jesus was somewhere on the boat asleep. Yes, he slept during the storm.  They woke him up like, “Lord what is we gon’ do?” Jesus woke up, rebuked the winds and spoke to the sea, “Peace! Be still” The winds ceased and all was calm. But Jesus wasn’t done yet. He asked the disciples why were they so afraid. He questioned their faith. In their fear, they had to ask themselves, “Who is this man that even the winds and waves obey him?”

In the midst of the storm, our Savior isn’t asleep because He doesn’t care about us being tossed all over the place. Could it be that our storms are a test of our faith? When it seems like the waves are crashing against us and the winds are flinging us back and forth, we must rest in the knowing who the captain of our ship is. Our storms are at the mercy of Jesus Christ our father. That means they answer to Him. Just as the winds and waves were silent at His command then, they are to be calm at the sound of his voice now.  God’s faithfulness to calm our storms is ongoing. If the winds and waves know his name, how come we are so quick to forget?


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