Instant Results (#FBF)


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#FBF = Flash Back Friday

Every now and then it’s wise to look back at where you have come from to determine how much further you still have to go. Three years ago I found myself encouraging others as I was encouraging myself. I had gotten extremely frustrated, not because I expected instant results after working out for 2 days straight though.  I was putting in hard work on my inner man. I had been praying and fasting and I wasn’t seeing instant results. After recording this video it dawned on me… the journey I was on had little to do with the results but more to do with the process. 

My encouragement remains the same. Just because you do not see instant results does not mean God isn’t working on the inside of you.  You may be investing in yourself like never before, do not give yup because the results aren’t coming immediately. If “it” were easy, everyone would be doing “it” an succeeding.  Take each lessons given to you throughout the process and diligently learn from them. The process is building great character in you. Trust it.


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