5 Things Nobody Tells You About Mommyhood


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The moment a soon to be mommy announces her pregnancy it seems as if the advice avalanche abruptly hits.  It just keeps coming and coming and coming.  Even when it is unsolicited. Especially if it is unsolicited.   Having only been a mother for a little over a year, I have heard an abundance of do’s, don’ts, and even horrible pregnancy horror stories.  I have read plenty of “what to do when…” blogs, or at least I thought I had.  When my son was born, finally, I did not approach motherhood like a know-it-all but I figured after all of the advice and blog and book reading, I at least had the basics down.  WRONG! 

Here are 5 things no one told me about mommyhood:


The Guilt is Real

From leaving my four month old baby after three months of maternity leave to now dropping my toddler off at daycare, the guilt is still real.   No one ever told ,e that I would absolutely loathe leaving my child with “strangers”  For me it is not a trust thing.  I don’t sit around and think abut all the horrible things that can happen at daycare.  However, I would flip out if I found out he was being forced to suck someone’s toes (True Story). There is a horrible sense of guilt that comes over me as I walk away from my little man.  I feel guilty because I can’t give him my all 24/7 like I want, like how I know he deserves.  How come y’all didn’t tell me about this guilt?

Balance is Essential

As much as one would like to be a hands on parent 25/8, it is essential to have balance. Me Time is imperative or you will be no good to child(ren) in the long run.  Alone time to regroup and rest is absolutely necessary.  Time with your spouse, alone, is equally important.  Balance is key.

Your Child Will Get on Your Nerves

So, this is not a frequent occurrence. But there are certain thins that my child does that actually get on my nerves. I have to remember to have patience with him… His just 17 months old. I had to ask other mothers is this normal. They confirmed.  I am practicing patience. I am sure I get on his nerves too.

The News Will Suck Even More

The “News” these days should just be called “Bad News”.  That is just what it is, news that is mostly bad. Nobody told me that after becoming a mother each and every story about a baby or small child will make me sad. Yes. everyone seems to be more impacted by news of children being molested, kidnapped or eve suddenly trapped in a Gorilla habitat at the zoo.   Once I became a mother, I envision my child in EVERY story. It’s heart wrenching.  Consequently, I have limited my time watching the news. I can’t be emo everyday.

The Bond is Unmatched

I love my husband. I love my family. Heck, I love tacos But there is nothing or no one I love like I love my son.  I never knew a love like this.  He doesn’t even know it yet but he’s held my hand on so many hard days.  He’s comforted me with his smiles. He’s wiped many tears away with his laugh.  Alex has embraced me with the most consoling cuddles ever.  I knew there would be a special bond between my child and I but nobody ever told me that my son’s love, ever so pure and innocent, would help heal my heart and for that our bond is unbreakable.


I wait in anticipation for more lessons to be taught by incredible, loving son.


What are some things you’ve discovered on your parenthood journey?

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