Allow me to Re-Introduce Myself


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Hi, I’m Minah! That is all…

Just kidding! Well that is my name but that is not all there is to me. Somehow, someway, you found your way over to my blog.  If this isn’t your first time, you have probably realized my posts have been a little sporadic. Ok, not a little sporadic but who is keeping track?

IMG_7221 (2).JPGIMG_7221 (2).JPG

Whelp! I am back. I have set out to challenge myself in the areas of my passions and purpose. I have challenged myself to write (and post) 30 posts in 30 days.  Now, I am not doing this to simply lure traffic onto my site, although I appreciate those who actually take time to read my posts. I am pushing beyond my comfort zone because I need to; to go to the next level. I have finally stopped waiting for discipline to come my way and now I am actually pursuing it. 30 in 30 will help me get back into the writing saddle and hopefully keep me there. 

Truth is, it’s been hard for me to resurface after becoming a wife and then mother shortly after.  I have been so consumed with “life” that it has definitely gotten in the way of living and living out my dreams and aspirations.  I almost said “forget it”.  Writing was the furthest thing down on my list. Wait…I didn’t even have a list. I was just living aimlessly in discouragement.


In Motherhood is Not a Death Sentence, I wrote about losing site of myself.  I am happy to announce I am not finding “her” again.  I am learning, growing and enhancing who I have been.  I am not sure what the next 29 days will be like but I am glad you will be on board with me.



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