Dear Girl…


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There’s so much more…

Do you know who you are?  Whose you are?  Do you know where you come from?  Do you know what lies on the inside of you?  It’s clear you do not.  Or maybe you do and have just forgotten.  Perhaps you do know but you don’t believe it for yourself.

You are a daughter of THE King.  You are an heiress to the throne.  Millions of women have gone before you, paving the way for your success.  They have learned lessons, experienced heartache and disappointment just so you wouldn’t have to.  You come from a lineage of women who have conquered tons of unforeseen obstacles.  Women who have fought and suffered, shed blood, sweat and tears in hopes that the lives of their descendants wouldn’t have to be so hard.  Our predecessors have imparted so much knowledge and wisdom.  They have left profound words of affirmation and have allowed their light to illuminate our futures. 

Have we forgotten?

 We can’t even think for ourselves. We act and react solely based on who likes and who doesn’t like a picture of us on a not so social network.  We have lost sight of our personal opinions of ourselves, lending our thoughts and emotions to the men in our lives.  We no longer are able to lean on the word of God to affirm us.  Instead, we look to our surroundings and circumstances to dictate to us who are and who were aren’t.

There is so much more.

There is more to you than the tight clothes you select rather than the modest ones… those get all the attention right?  There is so much more than the physical attention we yearn for.  There is much more than subjecting our thoughts to the things like self-mutilation and suicide.   The definition of us has so much more depth to it… more than what we own up to.  There is much more than settling for pseudo Mr. Right because we are afraid to be alone.

 It is time we start thinking of ourselves much more highly than we do, genuinely.  It is time to deal with our insecurities; defy them.  It is time we recognize that in all aspects of life we deserve the absolute best.  You are a child of the God of the universe who wants you to have his very best.  You are fearfully and wonderfully made.  The moment you realize who you are you have to start demanding things and people that match up to who you are.

Be devoted.  You are destined for greatness.  There is absolutely no point in going out to look for strength and power because it already lies in you.  You are an incredible young lady all by yourself.  No other human will ever complete you so don’t look for them to. 

Affirm yourself.  Commit to those affirmations.  Believe them! 

Stop settling for less. Remind yourself… There is so much more.


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