How to Love


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Lil Wayne? Is that you attempting to empower young women???

Every time I get in the car and turn the key in the ignition I cringe in hopes that the song on the radio is going to be worthy of the short drive home. Most times it is isn’t. Rarely is there a song playing that I actually enjoy. I must admit, Weezy is in the “next category”. When I hear his voice I immediately go to the next station. “how to love” is his latest single and I skip that song too. Something about his singing voice that makes my ears hurt.

Nonetheless, I took a peek at the video. It depicted different images of women and their stages of life and love or the lack thereof. There was a domestic violent situation, prostitution a positive HIV test and an abortion. On the lighter side the vid featured “the right way” to love; marriage, motherhood, schooling, healthy relationships and even a wanted pregnancy.

So now the one who once wished he could f*** every girl in the world is announcing the importance “real” love. Hmmmmm…. Nice attempt. The video was good. I could relate with a couple of scenes but there were some things that didn’t quite sit well with me. First, it’s coming from a man who has 4 children by 3 different women; two of which were prego at the same time. Does that discredit the message? Uh no, but it’s hard for me to take him seriously. Makes me want to ask him, have you changed? Which message do you want your listeners to take home; the ones prior to this song/vid or the ones after?

I am so for breaking the generational curses and I am so pro women’s empowerment but there was one thing I wanted to see… MEN! There was a complete absence of men and the role they play in “how to love”.  Do men have a role to play? I think so.  I wanted to see father’s teaching their daughters   how to be loved. And what about father’s teaching their son’s how to love women and what behavior does not exemplify love?

The video is definitely and eye opener and depending on who you are, quite a tear jerker. But what I think it’s missing is the fact that both men and women are responsible for how one is taught love. Women are not solely responsible for teaching their daughters love. A father’s love or the lack there of can mean all the difference to a young girl growing up. I know.

So yep! As women we have to first love ourselves then spread that love to our daughters, nieces, cousins and those who look up to us. In the same respect it is time we hold men to a standard as well. Who knows, maybe Weezy is lowkey saying he needs to learn how to love too.


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