#7-If you don’t do,it won’t get done…


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Mid 28 I had ideas up the wazoo. Journals were maxed out with great ideas for books, conferences and even blog titles but I was doing … NOTHING! Absolutely nothing! I had no motivation beyond the planning. No spark, no flame, no twinkle in my eye to actually DO the stuff I dreamt about and planned for. What was the point in just sitting on all of that purpose? NOTHING!

For a while I literally walked around looking for something to motivate me to follow through with all the visions that were placed inside of me.  Truth is I was afraid to do these things. Fear breeds procrastination.  Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of pressure all leads to procrastination. I was the ultimate procrastinator. It was bad. It led to laziness. Coming home doing absolutely nothing, just looking at the TV and eating junk gets old, especially when there are other things to do right in front of your face. But that’s what I was doing. Boring!

It was not until I met with my now mentor, that I got my act together. She lit a fire under me so cold. It was just what I needed to get on my way.  While I was too busy doing nothing there was stuff that needed to be done and it wasn’t going to get done unless I did them.  I realized that God had not placed those visions inside of me just to dream about them. And I could not imagine getting to those gates and Him asking me “what happened?” and the only thing I could tell Him is I was too busy watching TV and eating junk food”.

Truth is, If you don’t do it, it won’t get done.  The specific plans, purposes, and destinies that have been placed inside of us are specifically for us.  I am sure someone else could do them but not like we can.  28 is teaching me that NOW is the time to move! It’s time to stop sitting on the dreams and destinies. This is not the time to start looking around for someone else to do what I have been purposed to do.  It would not be the same and if it were supposed to be for someone else God would have given the dream to them and not to me.

This was a toughy! ugh 28!

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